Driving Through Town and Fighting for Freedom

Yesterday Little Miss and I started our road trip by stopping in Orlando for the night.  We met Big Miss for dinner to celebrate her 20th birthday, met her boyfriend (CUTE), and just hang out.  All was perfect and then Big Miss got home to her apartment with the roommates from hell.  This is going to be a doozie, so please hang in there.

Big Miss has two roommates who started off being her friend and then as the rule of three goes, she was thrown to the curb.  She is very mature for her age and doesn't feed into drama like most girls do, so that becomes a problem with other girls.  They try to get her to gossip and fight and all that other crap, but she doesn't do it.  She has already lived on her own for a year, these girls stayed home their first 2 years and moved out for their junior/senior years.  That being said, they still live as if mommy and daddy are home with them and try to parent my child, often.

Imagine coming home to post-it notes on the AC because you have lowered it when you had a fever the night before, but the post-it note states in order to save electricity you can't do this.  Or.... you press a sandwich in the George Forman grill and don't clean it to someone else's expectations, so a post-it note states you need to do a better job (then the grill is removed from the kitchen and hidden so you can't use it).  Then you don't place the sponge in the sponge holder and someone tells you that it HAS to go back into the holder because that is the way it was done in their house. You get the point.

Last night after dinner, she comes home to one of the mother of one of them who drove all the way here to make sure her daughter gets some rest because my daughter is keeping them up all night with the her study groups, her boyfriend, flushing the toilet, brushing her hair, and breathing.  This woman screamed at my daughter at 1 a.m. and followed her around the apartment while my daughter was trying to escape.  She didn't call me because she was afraid I would leave my hotel and start a fight.  I can tell you that she was right! So, my daughter slept downstairs in her boyfriend's apartment (some battles are not the point right now, lol).  Well, she didn't sleep, she cried all night and then went to work at 6 this morning.

Needless to say, I spoke to said mother and she wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise, so I ended up losing my cool and yelled and then called her a name and then told her that the apple didn't fall far from the tree and she should be proud of raising a (same name) and then I hung up on her.  I was wrong, but it felt so good.  I also told her that my daughter will be moving out, along with the 4th girl that they treat like crap, so good luck and good riddance.  This news scared the lady because I also said I hope the 2 new roommates aren't serial killers.  She said that wasn't necessary, she didn't want anyone to move.  Oh, well too little too late.

So that is my awful story about the beginning of what is supposed to be a perfect dancing audition trip.  What would you do?

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