In Everything Give Thanks

As another Thanksgiving Day begins, we bring many blessings with us today.  I am forever thankful for my faith, though failing at times, the grace of our forgiving God continues to shine in my life and bring me the peace I need to move forward.  This is what brings all other things into perspective.  Thank you Lord for all you have given me and for all that you will bestow upon me in years to come.
I am thankful for my husband, who loves me even when I don't show that I am completely and totally in love with him.  He truly has shown me what it means to love eternally.
I am thankful for my daughters and for the constant reminder that even though I have done some bad in my life, they are the good in my life.  I can look at them and know that yes, I have done a good job.
I am thankful for my family, near and far.  They have shown me that the heart is filled with love, even in the craziness that families share.
I am thankful for my niece Emma, whose innocence allows me to know that autism is not to be pitied, it is to be celebrated.
In all things, I am thankful.

Emergency Room, UGHHHH

From the moment I started my blog, I vowed to myself that I would share my journey with my children and my family, honestly, no matter what.  Some of that journey was bound to be embarrassing, but, we are all human and embarrassment is just part of our lives.

I woke up yesterday with blood in my stool (I really think poop sounds better, but I am refined, you know)... a lot of blood.  I got really scared, but the teacher in me cannot miss work, I just can't, so I went on my way.  I didn't feel good at all and my co-teacher could tell as soon as I walked in.  By 10 a.m. I had to leave and drove myself to the emergency room.  Let me just add that we have a brand new hospital around the corner from my house, so at least I was in the lap of luxury.

Long story short, after many tests and thoughts on what it could be from e-Coli to diverticulitis, the diagnosis is: A MYSTERY!  Of course it is, why would anything be easy?  The next step is a colonoscopy, which is not on my Christmas list this year.  I also have not gone to the bathroom since 6:30 yesterday morning either out of fear or simply because I am on a strict, pretty much, no solid food diet. 

At least I got to stay home from work (which I hate), but I witnessed the cast of Rent (my all time favorite musical, ever) singing "Seasons of Love" to Regis on his farewell show.  And..... today is my daughter's 19th birthday, so I cried a little extra tear knowing she is not with us on her birthday for the very first time in our lives.  I missed her this morning, very much.  That's my story, thanks again for listening.

Seasons of Love

I Should.....Sundays

I should still be resting my head from the weekend long migraine.
I should not worry about the grades I need put in the gradebook.
I should not have eaten those 4 chocolate chip cookies.

What should you be doing?

HCG Diet Day 1

My love/hate relationship with weight has been a life long battle (insert "story of my life" here) and I won the battle over 3 years ago.  Although, I have not gone back to the days of "mom" jeans to cover my stomach, a few pounds have popped up and I just don't have the time to wait for healthy eating to start showing the weight loss.  So I decided to jump on the HCG bandwagon to jumpstart the loss.  It is more of me being a skeptic, than me wanting to lose the weight.  I just don't see how this can work, so here goes.....

Yesterday was what they called a binge day, but I couldn't binge that much, so it was pretty much a waste.
Today was the "real" day one.  The drops don't taste so bad, but trying to hold them under my tongue for 2 minutes was not easy.  2 eggs and melba toast for breakfast, not too bad.  That is as far as I have gotten, so let's see what the rest of the day holds.  Big Miss is in town, so that we will keep my mind off of food, unless of course she wants to eat some home-cooked means (duh, mom why else would she come home for the weekend, LOL).

Happy 11-11-11 and God Bless our Veterans!

In the Pink!

Big Miss is coming to visit this weekend, HOORAY!  What a great surprise, I can't wait to see her beautiful face and to spend some great mommy/daughter time with my girls.  Unless of course, her friends steal her away from me, LOL.  Even though we talk almost every day (we do tweet everyday), I still have a hole in my heart because I just can't walk into her room and peek in to see her.  I am so blessed that she chose Orlando, so we can see her more often than if she had packed her bags for the Big Apple.  Our family is heart happy that she is achieving her goals, but the hole can only be filled when she is safe and sound in these four walls of our home.

Big Miss and Little Miss at UCF Family Weekend

I Should.....Sundays

I Should......

let it go.
get a facial.
smile more.
worry less.
start exercising.

What should you be doing?