Ups and Downs

Hi there friends, it has been a while.  I don't have any excuses, except that life always gets in the way, but I guess that is a good thing.  There have been ups and downs these past weeks, but I am hoping to eliminate some of the downs and continue facing the ups with a smile.  

Little Miss graduates in a few short weeks, this is both an up and down.  An up, because she is going to venture into the college and working world, while staying home with us.  See, definitely an up.  A down, because I have two women on my hands now.  I will never enter the halls of a high school again, unless I am there for someone else's child.  

Big Miss finished her Sophomore year of college, well, really her Junior year because of the credits she came into school with on her resume.  This is definitely an up because she knows the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching.  It is also a down because I know she will make the decision to continue her career away from home, so I will still have a long distance daughter.

Hubby has started a new venture, while continuing to work in his current (very stressful) job that he has held for 30+ years.  An up- he is doing something he loves... A down- he now hates the paying job and it scares me to think he may follow his dream.  Now, I am not against following dreams, but at our age, money isn't a dream, it is a reality.  So my prayer list is filled with requests of strength and determination, for hubby and for me.

All of these ups and downs (and so many unmentioned) have turned me into a thinking person of late.  I am thinking all of the time about everything, it seems my mind never stops.  This leads to endless internet searches trying to find spiritual sayings, prayers, good thoughts, etc.  One late night search led me to the Hello Morning Blog and now my inbox is filled with positive messages each morning.  This is definitely an up.  I love reading the uplifting advice and stories.  In fact, this is in addition to so many other great reads delivered to my inbox (Joel Osteen, to name one), so I am one positive girl!

That's the gist for now.  What have been some of your ups and downs?  How have you coped with them?  If you want to check out Hello Morning, click the pic below.  The site has not asked me to post about what they do, but I truly have enjoyed what I have read this past week, so this is my way of giving you an up of your very own.

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