2015, what are you bringing to the table?  Well, so far this year has brought some exciting changes to my life and with that, this little ole blog is going to make some changes too.

Two major things are going on in my world and I know that all of you will spread the word and be super excited for me!

Change #1:  I am a brand spanking new BEACHBODY COACH!  Yes, you read that correctly...this chubby girl from Miami has decided to change her outlook on what it means to "look good".  I would rather FEEL good and then the looks will definitely follow.  I have been making slow changes and adding Shakeology to my daily healthy lifestyle is one of them.  
As the days pass, I am going to be blogging about my adventure (the good, the bad, and the ugly) right here on PInksMyInk.  I hope you follow along with me and tell your friends because this is going to be the down and dirty of what I love, hate, and everything in between about getting healthy.  There is sure to be some comedy relief, so check in often for a good laugh and a healthy dose of nutrition.  Of course any good coach would want you on their team, so for now, no pressure but if you would like to join me in on the journey and add Shakeology or any other Beachbody stuff to your daily grind, just click here and I will help you in anyway I can!

You are going to have to wait for change #2 because it is to awesome to post now and I don't want to take away form the healthiness of this post, lol.

I leave you with this video about Shakeology and why you should join this revolution.

Popping In...Just for a Minute

Hi there my pink peeps!  I am just popping in to let you know that all is well in my little part of the world.  We are winding down the school year and then summer will be upon us with all her glory.  I cannot wait!  I will be away for most of June while I am training some very lucky teachers who will be learning all about Thinking Math, so my summer will officially begin on July 4th.  What a great way to celebrate our independence!  I plan to be beachy keen most days and pajama clad on most nights.  Little Miss is gearing up for her final dance competition of her life and she is so sad... I know great dancing things are on the horizon, but convincing her is not going well.  Big Miss is working away at her internship and getting ready to graduate next spring!  Can you believe it? Didn't I just drop her off at college?  I know you remember that heartache I felt when I had to leave my little, yet big, girl all the way over there in far far away college land.  Who knew time would fly so quickly!  Well that's it for now.  I hope to update at least once a month, if not twice.  Fingers crossed!  Just because I can, here is a picture of my cute pup, Shelby:

Today's News

What's going on everyone?  I am sure everyone is busy, busy, busy.  I so wanted to keep up on posting, but I have just overwhelmed myself with stuff (at work, at home, and in life) so my little family blog has taken the biggest hit.  

This week I am flying to Tallahassee for a training with CPALMS and FSU.  I am looking forward to the trip, but not to the flight.  I am terribly, devastatingly afraid of flying.  I have no choice, they want me there and the pay is needed, plus I love learning new stuff to share with my colleagues.  I wanted to drive, but nope, not happening.  So wish me luck because I am not happy about this.

Little Miss is doing her thing in college, but I am so glad she decided to do it here, in our home town.  It has been an adjustment from high schooler to college girl, especially since I have to treat her as an adult who makes her own decisions.  In retrospect, it was easier when Big Miss left to college, even though at the time, I mourned that move.  Not knowing what she is doing at every minute is much better than my heart hurting every single time Little Miss leaves the house.  Parties will be the death of me.  I hate that she has to drive to these damn parties and I know what's going on there.  I just have to pray that she makes the right choices and that God is with her at every moment.

She is still dancing, so we do spend a lot of time together going to competitions and such.  This is her last year, boohoo...  Big Miss is working at her second awesome internship, she is just doing amazing things.  She has one year left!  I can't even imagine what will come next for her.  I don't think she will come home, there is just so much for her to accomplish out there and coming home might hinder her progress.  The boyfriend also adds into the mix, so that is part of her decision making as well.  We love boyfriend, he is such a good kid and knowing that he takes care of her and protects her while she is away from home, helps me sleep each night.  

What else... Oh, I have gained so much weight.  So I ordered the 21 Day Fix.  I start in two weeks.  Let's see what happens.  I lost all that weight 5 years ago and swore I would never get back to this place, but who counts calories when you are having fun at life?  Exercise is key, so I will bite the bullet and exercise.  What about you?  How do you maintain weight after a big loss?

That's it for now.  There are other things going on, but I think I have caught you up on the gist of things.  Have a happy weekend!

It Has Been Too Long...

My little blog is still here, she has waited and waited patiently to hear from momma!  Patience is a virtue and time is of the essence, so here I am.  This first weekend of 2014 has promised a good year and to keep in step, I will post once a week to keep everyone (especially myself) up to date on our happenings in our little corner of the world.

Big Miss is back at school at Little Miss will start tomorrow.  Changes have been a happenin' here and we have taken them in stride.  It is good to have my little miss here at home, but it is also extremely stressful.  Here's what I'm talking about:  With big miss away at school, I worry, but I don't stay up at night waiting for her to come home with a pit in my stomach and an ache in my heart.  With little miss here, I die a little bit each time she steps out the door.  I worry to my heart's content and then some, driving my husband crazy and I think I am making myself nuts, to say the least.  We opted out of a curfew (home by 5 am, kill me now..) so she can be just like her big sister who doesn't have mommy and daddy breathing down her neck. The only problem is that I am breathing down her neck, my neck, and everyone else's neck.  What to do, what to do....

Tomorrow I go back to work after a glorious 2 weeks home with my little family.  Routines and deadlines will take over and we will see each other again on spring break, haha!  I am not kidding, people!  I have school and college (working on that PhD), little miss has work, dance, and college, hubby has work, work, work, and more work and big miss is doing her thing away at school.  She starts a new internship tomorrow, go big miss!  She has been doing great things in the world of engineering, this momma is proud!

My OLW for 2014:  PRAY.  That's it, enough said.

Keep smiling peeps, it gives your face something to do!  Until next week....

Wow, It Has Been Too Long

I have so much to say and so little at the same time.  I have let this little blog slip through my hands and I am sad.  This was my first attempt at blogging and I want to keep it, forever.  So, I will post when I can and I will post for me.  If my blogging peeps read along with me, I am happy.  I started this for me, so I will continue on for me.  The girls are wonderful young ladies, I love them to death.  Big Miss is doing well in college and she is in love, so all is well in her world.  Little Miss has started college here at home, so that made me happy.  She has two jobs that she loves and I love having her here with me.  I miss Big Miss all the time and she will be home next weekend, so we will be a happy family.  Hubby will be turning 50, so we will all celebrate and he will be pissy.  He has been pissy and I know it's the 50 thing, but he is denial.  It's ok, we will love him pissy or not!

Here is what happened to me this week

I am in pain, excruciating, mind-numbing pain.  

UTI they said, nope can't be, I don't have any symptoms.  Take the antibiotic, go back to work, you will be fine, they said.  Two days later, I cried the entire day at work.  My back was derailing and I couldn't do a thing about it. The cramps, they were back.  Everyone said kidney stones.  Ok, could be.

Come Monday, I had to be escorted out of work again and sent to the ER.  8 hours later, NOTHING!!!!  Sounds like kidney stones, your pain is indicative of kidney stones, but no stones.  Just infection, now in the bladder and the kidneys.  There might be sand in your kidneys.  Oh, good, that trip to the beach was well worth it.

One week later, I still cringe and cry.  I can't work until Monday and I can't do anything else.  I am writing this to get it off my chest and to ask for prayers from my blogging buddies.  

 Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a Percocet filled mind.  
Who looks like this when they have kidney pain?  Pretend this is me, this is what I look like right now, LOL.

Ups and Downs

Hi there friends, it has been a while.  I don't have any excuses, except that life always gets in the way, but I guess that is a good thing.  There have been ups and downs these past weeks, but I am hoping to eliminate some of the downs and continue facing the ups with a smile.  

Little Miss graduates in a few short weeks, this is both an up and down.  An up, because she is going to venture into the college and working world, while staying home with us.  See, definitely an up.  A down, because I have two women on my hands now.  I will never enter the halls of a high school again, unless I am there for someone else's child.  

Big Miss finished her Sophomore year of college, well, really her Junior year because of the credits she came into school with on her resume.  This is definitely an up because she knows the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching.  It is also a down because I know she will make the decision to continue her career away from home, so I will still have a long distance daughter.

Hubby has started a new venture, while continuing to work in his current (very stressful) job that he has held for 30+ years.  An up- he is doing something he loves... A down- he now hates the paying job and it scares me to think he may follow his dream.  Now, I am not against following dreams, but at our age, money isn't a dream, it is a reality.  So my prayer list is filled with requests of strength and determination, for hubby and for me.

All of these ups and downs (and so many unmentioned) have turned me into a thinking person of late.  I am thinking all of the time about everything, it seems my mind never stops.  This leads to endless internet searches trying to find spiritual sayings, prayers, good thoughts, etc.  One late night search led me to the Hello Morning Blog and now my inbox is filled with positive messages each morning.  This is definitely an up.  I love reading the uplifting advice and stories.  In fact, this is in addition to so many other great reads delivered to my inbox (Joel Osteen, to name one), so I am one positive girl!

That's the gist for now.  What have been some of your ups and downs?  How have you coped with them?  If you want to check out Hello Morning, click the pic below.  The site has not asked me to post about what they do, but I truly have enjoyed what I have read this past week, so this is my way of giving you an up of your very own.

not failure.010