2015, what are you bringing to the table?  Well, so far this year has brought some exciting changes to my life and with that, this little ole blog is going to make some changes too.

Two major things are going on in my world and I know that all of you will spread the word and be super excited for me!

Change #1:  I am a brand spanking new BEACHBODY COACH!  Yes, you read that correctly...this chubby girl from Miami has decided to change her outlook on what it means to "look good".  I would rather FEEL good and then the looks will definitely follow.  I have been making slow changes and adding Shakeology to my daily healthy lifestyle is one of them.  
As the days pass, I am going to be blogging about my adventure (the good, the bad, and the ugly) right here on PInksMyInk.  I hope you follow along with me and tell your friends because this is going to be the down and dirty of what I love, hate, and everything in between about getting healthy.  There is sure to be some comedy relief, so check in often for a good laugh and a healthy dose of nutrition.  Of course any good coach would want you on their team, so for now, no pressure but if you would like to join me in on the journey and add Shakeology or any other Beachbody stuff to your daily grind, just click here and I will help you in anyway I can!

You are going to have to wait for change #2 because it is to awesome to post now and I don't want to take away form the healthiness of this post, lol.

I leave you with this video about Shakeology and why you should join this revolution.

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