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Happy Mother's Day

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I love when Little Wonders' Days starts up our summer with the Summer Bucket List Linky Party.  This is my 2nd year taking the challenge and it is so heart warming to make these plans (some as a family, some with the kids, some with hubby, and some all by myself) with something for everyone!  So here is our 2012 happenings for this summer:

Our Family Summer Bucket List For 2012

1.  College Tour Week with Little Miss in June.
2.  Spend a week at a hotel in Orlando with ALL of us!
3.  Have fun purchasing things for Big Miss’ new apartment at UCF.
4.  Clean the house, really clean the house.
5.  Bikini Boot Camp for 6 HARSH weeks
6.  Register for my Specialist in Leadership.
7.  Soak in the tub with lots of bubbles.
8.  Teach Julianne to drive.
9.  Read books, books, and more books.
10.Go to the beach.
11.Create some teaching units.
12.Spend as much time with Julianne, since this is the summer before her senior year.
13.Walk on the beach and sink my toes in the sand, in the moonlight!
14.I promise not to go nuts spending money, I will find cheap ways to have fun.
15.Reconnect as a family, any way we can.

Click the Linky Button so you can link up with us!  What does your Summer Bucket List have to offer?
Little Wonders' Days

What I Know to Be True

CAUTION:  This is a long read, but you will enjoy the pics at the end, so bear with the rant.

I haven't had a good meaty post in a while, I just hate when life gets in the way of the things that I really enjoy doing.  School has been crazier than any other year and even though teaching is like breathing, I am looking forward to this year coming to an end.  I don't know if the timing of FCAT has had a negative impact for the rest of Florida, but at our school the late date has pretty much made the kids think that school was over the week after that dreaded test.

Anyway,  can you believe that my big college miss has finished her first year of college?  I feel as if we just moved her in and here we are, over, finiti, finished, done.  Big college miss has decided not to come home this summer, as she is working hard at her internship and will be sub leasing her friend's apartment for the summer.  You would think that I would be hysterical and numbingly sad, if so, you are thinking correctly.  When did she become an adult at the next level and start leasing apartments, applying for credit, cooking in her own kitchen, and NOT COME HOME????  WHEN???  I blinked and she continued to grow up more than she ever has.  (insert deep sigh and lots of tears, here)

Luckily, I get to see her lots and lots over the summer (she doesn't know this yet, but that would be the advantage to going to college in the same state where your parents live, LOL).  I also am working on a contract with the state for some common core stuff and we meet in, yes you guessed it, in ORLANDO.  I must let you know that she is coming home for Mother's Day and for Memorial Day weekend, so I think she secretly enjoys the comfort of her first home mommy.  

Little Miss is busy taking SAT's, ACT's, AP exams, being accepted into NHS, becoming captain of the dance team and writing college entrance essays.  Do I dare say it?  Here we go again...  Our first college tour is set for June and then who knows where we will go from there (probably to visit big college miss).  So, get ready my faithful followers for another summer of college trips, a crying mommy, money woes, galactic changes, and all the other things that this blog has to offer.  Counting down to another baby leaving the nest, who thought it would come so soon?  Definitely, not I, that is for sure.

Here is big college miss in her new apartment:

And here is little high school miss before she was inducted into NHS this past week:

I am blessed,
this is what I know to be true.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

What a relaxing week I had this week!  I am so embarrassed to say this and I give all of you permission to laugh snicker, a little bit.  I traveled by myself, for the first time in 22 years!  I actually drove myself to Orlando for a week of nothing but work all day, but ME TIME every night!!!  (except for 2 nights when my big college miss came to the hotel)...
I have to say I was scared at first, but I kinda sorta liked LOVED it.  The best part is that it was in Orlando, so I got to have a beautiful pre-birthday dinner with my girl last night and then drove home today to this:

Little miss high schooler made this for me and it made me smile.  I may keep it up for a while, so I can remember that even though it is nice to get away from the daily grind, coming home is even better.  Hubby surprised me with 2 new Pandora charms, pics will be up later.  I am too tired to move and I have to get back to my little firsties tomorrow.  So I am off to bed.  I have so much to post, but that will wait until the weekend.  I had a great birthday homecoming and I am looking forward to what 44 will bring my way!