Happy Birthday to Me!!!

What a relaxing week I had this week!  I am so embarrassed to say this and I give all of you permission to laugh snicker, a little bit.  I traveled by myself, for the first time in 22 years!  I actually drove myself to Orlando for a week of nothing but work all day, but ME TIME every night!!!  (except for 2 nights when my big college miss came to the hotel)...
I have to say I was scared at first, but I kinda sorta liked LOVED it.  The best part is that it was in Orlando, so I got to have a beautiful pre-birthday dinner with my girl last night and then drove home today to this:

Little miss high schooler made this for me and it made me smile.  I may keep it up for a while, so I can remember that even though it is nice to get away from the daily grind, coming home is even better.  Hubby surprised me with 2 new Pandora charms, pics will be up later.  I am too tired to move and I have to get back to my little firsties tomorrow.  So I am off to bed.  I have so much to post, but that will wait until the weekend.  I had a great birthday homecoming and I am looking forward to what 44 will bring my way!

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