Remembering our Heroes...

Not So Good Sunday

An old friend of mine called today to talk about our graduating daughters.  After all these years growing up apart, our girls will be at the same college in the same dorm.  Imagine that!

I cried uncontrollably after we hung up because today was a day when I did not want to let Jessica go, I want her to stay here with me so badly.  I know it is selfish and I know I sound like an awful mom, but I love her so much, so very much.  I was doing ok, until today.  My friend is so supportive and has already been able to let go of her baby, how can she do it?  Why can't I?  I want nothing but the very best for her and yet, I want to hold her and never let go.

Today was not a good day.... Julianne walked in on me crying while I was trying to sweep the floor.  She walked out because she knew, she just knew.  I remember when Jessica started Kindergarten and I held Julianne out of preschool that year so I could spend one solid year alone with her, just like I did when Jessica was our first.  Now I have the chance to spend the last 2 years of Julianne's high school life alone with her, while Jessica spreads those wings and flies away from her safe nest. This is a good thing, it really is. I will cherish these years with her and I will be happy and sad at the same time, but that is ok.  It is part of the mommy package, holding it together while falling apart.

Today was not a good day, but there is always tomorrow.

College Funding

Last night Jessica and I came to the realization that we just don't have enough money for college, this is not a good thing.  She has an amazing outlook and is determined to get there and she will be there come August, I just don't know where to get the extra $9000 each year........ 

Of course, the government thinks our family makes enough money to send our children to college, when in fact, we aren't even close!  Bad money decisions, my student loans, and my teacher salary are just a few reasons why.  Thank goodness we have prepaid college for both of our girls, it is just the dorm thing that is setting us back.

God will provide, I know He will.  I just will stress for the next 4 years, just like I have for the past 18.  It is all good in the hood.

Do You Have a Food Reserve in Your Home?

I just had the opportunity to watch a video tour from eFoods Global about having food reserves in our homes.  It wasn't really a shock for me to find out that if something would go terribly wrong with our economy right now this minute, I pretty much have about a weeks worth of food for my family (it isn't great food either.....).

eFoods Global is a company that has revolutionized the food storage industry by offering delicious meals that can be stored safely in your home for varying amounts of time.  This is something you have got to see to believe, I am 
re-thinking my whole shopping approach when it comes to having things on hand, just in case.

You can have the chance to get 6 FREE meals just for watching their video series on food storage and food reserves.  This is worth a few minutes of your time, I promise you will not be sorry.

Click the link below and follow the directions at the site so you can start enjoying the benefits of food reserves in your home today.

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Do you remember your senior prom?  Was it everything you wanted or nothing you thought it would be?  My beautiful Jessica had her prom this weekend (pics went up yesterday) and like every little girl, she had expectations about this day. Why do we do this to ourselves?  Long story short, jessica had her first love last year, he broke up because he wanted to enjoy his last few months of his senior year....... she missed his prom while he took someone who was not a commitment.

Fast forward to this year:  Jessica has a new boyfriend, who broke up with her in  February because he was falling for her and didn't want to get attached since they are going to different colleges.  He took his non-commitment to prom on Saturday.

In walks first love home from Cornell...... took Jessica to her prom...... she went as friends, he had other plans...... hence my new term "Proma" (prom drama).  He was hurt, deleted her from FB, and doesn't want to talk to her again.  UGHHHH!  

Ok, that's our prom story for princess number one.  She did look absolutely stunning, she is doing very well today and has no regrets.  It is me, the mommy, hurting for her and for what should have been.

Prom Pictures

What a glorious time we had getting Jessica ready for prom (well, there were some Bridezilla moments, lol).  In the end, she looked beautiful, her date was so handsome (her ex, but you could tell he loves her still.....), and the night was a good one.

Here are her pictures:
Jessica, Daddy, and Emma

Proud Daddy with Jessica

My Princess

Both of my Princesses

Our Beautiful Family

Grandma and all of her grandkids.

Great Grandma joins in.

Proud Godmother and Aunt

Cousins want in on the fun!


4 Generations

Mommy and Jessica

Friends forever

Aleida cried when she saw Jessica

If I had been blessed with a son, it would be Zachary

Jessica and Renan

Busy Weekend Ahead

Happy Friday Blogging Buddies!  I just got back from an awesome teaching convention.  I will share my experience over at my teaching blog next week, so head over there for some fun tips.

This weekend (tomorrow night) is Jessica's prom, the tears are filling up my eyes as I type.  I have thought about this moment for 18 years, never thinking it would get here so fast.  I just can't believe my little princess is just a tad bit bigger and will be someone else's princess tomorrow night.  This moment is so special and I am so proud of all she has become.  

I will be posting pics on Monday night, so this is my last post until then.  We have lots to do and not enough time to do it.  I love you guys, thanks for continuing my journey with me.

A Mother's Moment

As Jessica prepares for graduation, Julianne is preparing to become the only child living at home with her parents.  I know this is hard for her, even though she hasn't shown it yet.  I can see that she is trying to get closer to her sister and I can also see her sister softening her ways with her.  Tonight, Jessica is having a girls night with her friends and to my surprise she invited her little sister to join in. This warms my heart and I am trying not to shed a tear for my youngest because I know her heart is filled with wonder and awe for her sister.  Time will stand still tonight as my two children spend an evening together, an evening that is within the countdown to Jessica's departure.....

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Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Yesterday I spent the day at Fairchild Tropical Gardens and these are just a few of the images I caught.  The cardinal just would not stay still!  The pineapple was gorgeous!

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

What a great way to end my Mother's Day, by thinking of all the things I will be doing with my family this summer!  Link up at that end of my post with Little Wonders' Days so you can post your bucket list for everyone to see!

1.  Go to Jessica's UCF orientation.
2.  Spend a week at a hotel on the beach.
3.  Have fun purchasing all of the items for Jessica's dorm.
4.  Clean house, really really clean house.
5.  Exercise
6.  Eat green most days.
7.  Soak in the tub with lots of bubbles.
8.  Teach Julianne to drive.
9.  Read books, books, and more books.
10.Harry Potter, the end......
11.Create some teaching units.
12.Spend as much time with Jessica before she leaves.
13.Walk on the beach and sink my toes in the sand, by moonlight!
14.I promise not to go nuts spending money, I will find cheap ways to have fun.
15.Kiss Jessica goodbye and send her off to college.......


Happy Mother's Day

I hope your day was filled with love!