Prom Pictures

What a glorious time we had getting Jessica ready for prom (well, there were some Bridezilla moments, lol).  In the end, she looked beautiful, her date was so handsome (her ex, but you could tell he loves her still.....), and the night was a good one.

Here are her pictures:
Jessica, Daddy, and Emma

Proud Daddy with Jessica

My Princess

Both of my Princesses

Our Beautiful Family

Grandma and all of her grandkids.

Great Grandma joins in.

Proud Godmother and Aunt

Cousins want in on the fun!


4 Generations

Mommy and Jessica

Friends forever

Aleida cried when she saw Jessica

If I had been blessed with a son, it would be Zachary

Jessica and Renan


  1. Beautiful pictures! :)



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