House Dressing Style: 100th Post Giveaway: Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Jar C...

I am always looking for new blogs in order to fit into my Pinterest addiction (I know you are smiling right now because I just described YOU).  I found this cute blog and it is just getting started, but Sasha is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway.  Who can't use a new candle, especially one that will bring a summery scent into your home?  Well, click the link below and you might win one for yourself!

House Dressing Style: 100th Post Giveaway: Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Jar C...: 100th Post Giveaway: Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Jar Candle To celebrate my 100th blog post, I want to send a House Dressing Style blog re...

Facebook Made Me Cry or Parents Make Us Cry (even at my age)

Facebook is a great thing, until someone posts something political, controversial, religious.. you get my drift.  More marriages and friendships have ended due to Facebook then due to the old reasons, money and jealousy.  I know this because I have lost a whole slew of friends because of Facebook, but that is a story for another day.

My father (who is FB illiterate) periodically ventures onto the network and it is ALWAYS at the wrong time.  I posted a political cartoon, a very funny political cartoon, knowing that some of my friends would jump on that very quickly, I even knew who would be the first to comment.  I was right and we had a good time laughing back and forth.  I will only say that it had to do with the decision today and the entire post has now been deleted from my page.

My father jumped in on this bandwagon (the last time he was on FB was a month ago!), but for the wrong reasons.  You see, daddy is very opinionated, and he wants to make his point.  He made his point, but he made it in a way that sounded like he was directly against me, his little girl.  I was ok with it, I really was.  I called him and jokingly said that I was going to have to delete him from my FB, because he was making me look bad.  I have to say that it was a harsh comment and after talking arguing with him about it, I started to cry hysterically because of one sentence that I didn't realize was there.  When he heard me, he started crying too, and kept saying he was sorry, over and over again.  I told him I was deleting the whole thing, so it was going to be okay, but he has to learn how to read everything he is going to comment on before he makes this mistake again.  At this point, I was incoherent, I really let this get to me.  I was so hurt and I know it was killing him that he brought me to tears.  He apologized, I could barely hear him he was crying so much and he said goodbye and hung up.

I called my sister, read her what he wrote, she couldn't believe I was crying so much (I am normally the strong one and I rarely let things get to me), so she got pissed that this happened.  Now I had to keep her from calling him and starting a fight.  Hindsight and all that, I should have just deleted it and never said anything, but I too, had to make a point, I guess.  This is just a big mess and all because of Facebook!!!  

This is why FB has added the features they have, like blocking some of what you post from certain people, so families and friends stay that way!  I am just going to go to sleep and let it be in the past, I love my daddy and I don't want to let anything get in the way of the rest of our time together.

I Should Sundays (the return)

Back to our regularly scheduled program, here is this week's installment of I Should Sundays!

I should... be working on this project (I already extended the due date once):


I should... be unpacking the suitcases from our week here:

The Florida State University

and here:

The Palms Kissimmee-Celebration-Orlando

I should... have taken a shower and be in my pj's already, so I can watch the finale of this:

 That's it for me, what should you be doing?

Deja Vu with Daughter #2

Tomorrow is a big day over here for us, as I begin the College Road Trip with Little Miss!  I can't believe it is here already, I am pretty sure I just finished writing about our first College Road Trip (I capitalize it because it just seems so damn important, lol).  Those of you who have followed me from the beginning, know what this trip does to me.  Please be prepared for the crazy crying and denial that will occur over the next year as I make the journey to send the last of my babies off to the other side of the rainbow.  Believe me when I tell you, clicking your ruby red Crocs three times and saying "I wish she were home" doesn't work (I try and I try, but nothing).  

Tomorrow we drive to Tampa, then Tallahassee, and then finish off the week in Orlando where Big Miss will join us at a really nice resort (no theme parks this time, I think, well maybe).  We are going to soak in the sun and hang out by the pool, just us three (hubby can't make it, he's not a teacher so he doesn't have my vacay perks).

Keep us in your thoughts and send good vibes to this blogging buddy, I am going to need it as I venture into this realm once again.  This time may be worse, so get ready for the tissues people!  

See you on Sunday (or before if I get bored in the hotel).

Summer, How Happy I Am That You Are Here!

As I packed up my final box and turned off the lights in my classroom on Friday, I shed a few tears (ok, more than a few) as I bid adieu one more school year.  I also shed many tears when I learned that my dear friend and co-teacher will be moving to 4th grade math and science, leaving me in our classroom alone...  I am so proud of her and know that she will do great things with the big kids, she is spreading her wings and moving on, which is what we all do when we grow up.  You see, when we started teaching together this year, she was very quiet and watched everything I did with love, I have never had anyone watch me teach and I didn't know how I was going to handle it.  We ended up never wanting to teach without each other and thought this would last forever, she taught her loves (math and science) and I taught mine (reading and social studies).  We were like an old married couple and our kids learned so much.  Denise would always compliment me and tell me that I was so smart and she could never believe how I knew so much about, well, so much.  I never realized that I knew what I did, but when someone tells you these things, you take notice.  I became a better teacher because of this and I will miss Denise so much.  What we thought would last forever, only lasted 10 months and we must shake off the dirt, pick ourselves up and move on.

So, back to summer and how wonderful it is that tomorrow I don't have to wake up to an alarm or even get out of my pj's!  This summer will be filled with college road trips (once again I find myself in this predicament, how quickly time flies), vacations that include hubby (he never gets time off to go with us), dance intensives, beach days, nothing to do days, and maybe some getting ready for school days (we will see..).  I love summer and I love it even more when I get to spend lazy days with my girls.  So, even though Big Miss is staying in Orlando because of her internship and summer classes, we will spend time together next week.  Little Miss and I will end our college road trip in Orlando and the three of us will soak up the Orlando sun and just have some mommy/daughter time.

Yes, summer, I am so happy that you are here!