Ring, Ring..... Hi Mom...

You know when your phone rings in the middle of you teaching and it is your daughter from college, something must be wrong.  Here's how that conversation went today:

Me:  What's wrong?

Jess:  What are you doing?

Me:  Nothing, just teaching science.

Jess:  Oh, right now.

Me:  Yes, why????

Jess:  I missed a step coming out of the math building, fell down, someone picked me up, went to the clinic, and I have a badly sprained ankle.  Now I have crutches.

Me:  silence...... then, do you need me?

Jess:  No, I just wanted to tell you, call me back when you are done?

Me:  Ok, I love you.

Jess:  I love you too.

Now everyone, what do you think I was able to do for the next 2 hours of my day?  You got it, NOTHING!!  No science, no math, no nothing.  I couldn't wait for that clock to move.

Turns out she is fine, just very mad at herself and extremely frustrated.  She is in pain, hungry, tired, and pissed.  Her post on FB wasn't too happy, so I commented and said that I wish I was there to cook for her and make her feel better.  She of course commented back with a heartbreaking "me toooo".  

This too shall pass....

I Should.......Sundays....

I am reprising my I Should.... Sundays just because.....

I should......be entering grades
I should......finish the 3 books I started
I should......stop watching the Dolphins game, it might not turn out right
I should......fold the clothes and put them away

What should you be doing?

A bowl full of lemons.: Giveaway... Ellie's Handmade Soap.

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A bowl full of lemons.: Giveaway... Ellie's Handmade Soap.: Today I am sharing a love of mine... Ellies Handmade Soap. I am such a fan of Ellie's soaps and in particular, her scents. I keep them on...

Stumble Upon

Have you stumble upon, www.stumbleupon.com?  If not, you must check this out. It might be just as amazing as Pinterest!  Follow me when you get there, pinksmyink!

Google Reader, My New Love

Why did it take me so long to start using Google Reader?  I am in love,  I actually get to read all your blog posts without clicking, opening a new window, and losing my place!  Blogging is now so much easier!  Now if I could just get motivated to post more often, I am way behind telling you some fun news.  Work is so tiring, 32 (36 tomorrow) firsties are getting the best of me.  Stay tuned for some catch up posts over the next few weeks and thanks for following me even if I haven't been the best blogger over the past few weeks.

Oh Ye of Little Faith

I received this in my inbox today and thought I would share it with all of you:

Father, I confess to my faith, little, and wavering. I did fret about my unmet goals, dreams still being dreamed, and success still on hold. But Lord, I choose to live clothed by the splendor of your grace, savoring the richness of your provision, constant and timely. In Jesus’ name, amen.

UCF Family Weekend

We are out of town this weekend enjoying big miss at UCF.  Go Knights!  See you all on Monday.

Teaching Blog Addict: The End of Molasses Classes

Teaching Blog Addict: The End of Molasses Classes: I have been asked to review Ron Clark's newest book, "The End of Molasses Classes". Please click on the link below to find out about this...

College Family Weekend: 1 Week Away!

We are lucky enough to be a part of a University that loves families!  Next week we are travelling to see big miss at her new home, this will be mister pinks first trip to her university, I can't wait to see his face!  Little miss is excited because this trip will include a football game, she is our football fiend!  It may not be the her beloved Patriots, but UCF vs. Boston College is good enough for now.
I am excited because we will get to see big miss in her environment and we will also get to spend the weekend with my long time friend and her family.  It just so happens that her daughter is at UCF too, so we are sharing in the experience.  Big miss and her daughter are God-sisters (I am the Godparent of her son).  Here is to a week's worth of 24 hour days with a happy end next weekend!