Ring, Ring..... Hi Mom...

You know when your phone rings in the middle of you teaching and it is your daughter from college, something must be wrong.  Here's how that conversation went today:

Me:  What's wrong?

Jess:  What are you doing?

Me:  Nothing, just teaching science.

Jess:  Oh, right now.

Me:  Yes, why????

Jess:  I missed a step coming out of the math building, fell down, someone picked me up, went to the clinic, and I have a badly sprained ankle.  Now I have crutches.

Me:  silence...... then, do you need me?

Jess:  No, I just wanted to tell you, call me back when you are done?

Me:  Ok, I love you.

Jess:  I love you too.

Now everyone, what do you think I was able to do for the next 2 hours of my day?  You got it, NOTHING!!  No science, no math, no nothing.  I couldn't wait for that clock to move.

Turns out she is fine, just very mad at herself and extremely frustrated.  She is in pain, hungry, tired, and pissed.  Her post on FB wasn't too happy, so I commented and said that I wish I was there to cook for her and make her feel better.  She of course commented back with a heartbreaking "me toooo".  

This too shall pass....

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