Pink Ponderings

After much thought and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that I am really stretching myself to limits that I can no longer reach.  There is so much going on at work, which means it follows me home every night.  That being said, I will be posting once a week on Sundays using the title of this post.

I began this blog as an online diary to help me cope during the year before my daughter left to college.  Now, that she has left and is safe, this blog still brings me comfort and joy when I post about her new life, my little one's junior year, and the stuff that just happens in our family.  So I hope that my weekly jaunts into my insignificant little world gives you what you may be looking for that week.

Last weekend we went to states for dance and our team came back with a first place in hip hop and jazz.  Next weekend is Nationals and my girl is praying for that leather jacket because she only has one more chance next year.  Once Nationals are over, I will post her videos so you can see the beauty she exudes on the dance floor and why this mommy cries every single time.

College girl has decided to turn back to dancing, which fills my heart.  She took her freshman year off and has realized that by watching her little sister, she is missing her love of dance.  So here's to Jessica, hoping she finds her way back to the art of dance and becomes once again grounded in its release (what an oxymoron, grounded in its release.... I like it!).

Nothing more to report.  Have a blessed week and remain in the pink!

So Little Time...

I have had to resign to the fact that I just can't do it all, no matter how hard I try.  I have so much on my plate right now and none of it is fun, but all of it has a deadline.  So I find myself not blogging as much, but I have decided to forgive myself.  I am going to shoot for once a week, rather than once a day.  If I get the chance to do more, then I am ahead of the game, if not, then no promises have been broken.
I went on my very first business trip as a teacher this week and I was so nervous!  I made my sister come with me because I just couldn't imagine being in a hotel room all alone.  I was selected to do this huge reading project for the state and I sat there for 2 days just thinking, how the hell did you choose me for this? 
The best part was the fact that it was in Orlando, so my big college girl was able to come to the hotel and spend some time with me.  I have actually settled down in the crying department since she has been gone, but I still miss her very much.  I miss her even more when I see little sister tweet "these are the days I wish my sister was here".  Let's face it, mommy can only do so much, but a sister, she picks up where mommy left off.  
With my OLW being RELEASE, I am going to release myself from trying to grade every single paper on my bed and go watch the Super Bowl with the rest of my family.

Go Pats!