Today's News

What's going on everyone?  I am sure everyone is busy, busy, busy.  I so wanted to keep up on posting, but I have just overwhelmed myself with stuff (at work, at home, and in life) so my little family blog has taken the biggest hit.  

This week I am flying to Tallahassee for a training with CPALMS and FSU.  I am looking forward to the trip, but not to the flight.  I am terribly, devastatingly afraid of flying.  I have no choice, they want me there and the pay is needed, plus I love learning new stuff to share with my colleagues.  I wanted to drive, but nope, not happening.  So wish me luck because I am not happy about this.

Little Miss is doing her thing in college, but I am so glad she decided to do it here, in our home town.  It has been an adjustment from high schooler to college girl, especially since I have to treat her as an adult who makes her own decisions.  In retrospect, it was easier when Big Miss left to college, even though at the time, I mourned that move.  Not knowing what she is doing at every minute is much better than my heart hurting every single time Little Miss leaves the house.  Parties will be the death of me.  I hate that she has to drive to these damn parties and I know what's going on there.  I just have to pray that she makes the right choices and that God is with her at every moment.

She is still dancing, so we do spend a lot of time together going to competitions and such.  This is her last year, boohoo...  Big Miss is working at her second awesome internship, she is just doing amazing things.  She has one year left!  I can't even imagine what will come next for her.  I don't think she will come home, there is just so much for her to accomplish out there and coming home might hinder her progress.  The boyfriend also adds into the mix, so that is part of her decision making as well.  We love boyfriend, he is such a good kid and knowing that he takes care of her and protects her while she is away from home, helps me sleep each night.  

What else... Oh, I have gained so much weight.  So I ordered the 21 Day Fix.  I start in two weeks.  Let's see what happens.  I lost all that weight 5 years ago and swore I would never get back to this place, but who counts calories when you are having fun at life?  Exercise is key, so I will bite the bullet and exercise.  What about you?  How do you maintain weight after a big loss?

That's it for now.  There are other things going on, but I think I have caught you up on the gist of things.  Have a happy weekend!