College Family Weekend: 1 Week Away!

We are lucky enough to be a part of a University that loves families!  Next week we are travelling to see big miss at her new home, this will be mister pinks first trip to her university, I can't wait to see his face!  Little miss is excited because this trip will include a football game, she is our football fiend!  It may not be the her beloved Patriots, but UCF vs. Boston College is good enough for now.
I am excited because we will get to see big miss in her environment and we will also get to spend the weekend with my long time friend and her family.  It just so happens that her daughter is at UCF too, so we are sharing in the experience.  Big miss and her daughter are God-sisters (I am the Godparent of her son).  Here is to a week's worth of 24 hour days with a happy end next weekend!


  1. How fun I live football games. But letting my kid go to college scares me to death. Good thing I have a few years until that day comes. I am so glad that you came across my blog yesterday. I will be praying that you start taking steps back into HIS direction.

  2. Kelly, I never imagined being a college mom, but it is here nonetheless. I know that we raised her well and prior to my fall from Grace, so to speak, we were a church going family. Funny, how if mommy stops, everyone stops. That is my greatest sin, but I am slowly finding my way back and know that you are a part of that walk I am taking right now. I downloaded the Youversion app last night, so hopefully, with time, I will be using it with you and can post your button on my blog.
    Much love!


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