Deja Vu with Daughter #2

Tomorrow is a big day over here for us, as I begin the College Road Trip with Little Miss!  I can't believe it is here already, I am pretty sure I just finished writing about our first College Road Trip (I capitalize it because it just seems so damn important, lol).  Those of you who have followed me from the beginning, know what this trip does to me.  Please be prepared for the crazy crying and denial that will occur over the next year as I make the journey to send the last of my babies off to the other side of the rainbow.  Believe me when I tell you, clicking your ruby red Crocs three times and saying "I wish she were home" doesn't work (I try and I try, but nothing).  

Tomorrow we drive to Tampa, then Tallahassee, and then finish off the week in Orlando where Big Miss will join us at a really nice resort (no theme parks this time, I think, well maybe).  We are going to soak in the sun and hang out by the pool, just us three (hubby can't make it, he's not a teacher so he doesn't have my vacay perks).

Keep us in your thoughts and send good vibes to this blogging buddy, I am going to need it as I venture into this realm once again.  This time may be worse, so get ready for the tissues people!  

See you on Sunday (or before if I get bored in the hotel).

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  1. Oh I can't imagine!! I have two years until my oldest goes off. He just got a full ride scholarship and all ready I can't imagine it. Then again he is in boarding school but somehow this seems different. Oh they grow up way to fast!!!


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