Facebook Made Me Cry or Parents Make Us Cry (even at my age)

Facebook is a great thing, until someone posts something political, controversial, religious.. you get my drift.  More marriages and friendships have ended due to Facebook then due to the old reasons, money and jealousy.  I know this because I have lost a whole slew of friends because of Facebook, but that is a story for another day.

My father (who is FB illiterate) periodically ventures onto the network and it is ALWAYS at the wrong time.  I posted a political cartoon, a very funny political cartoon, knowing that some of my friends would jump on that very quickly, I even knew who would be the first to comment.  I was right and we had a good time laughing back and forth.  I will only say that it had to do with the decision today and the entire post has now been deleted from my page.

My father jumped in on this bandwagon (the last time he was on FB was a month ago!), but for the wrong reasons.  You see, daddy is very opinionated, and he wants to make his point.  He made his point, but he made it in a way that sounded like he was directly against me, his little girl.  I was ok with it, I really was.  I called him and jokingly said that I was going to have to delete him from my FB, because he was making me look bad.  I have to say that it was a harsh comment and after talking arguing with him about it, I started to cry hysterically because of one sentence that I didn't realize was there.  When he heard me, he started crying too, and kept saying he was sorry, over and over again.  I told him I was deleting the whole thing, so it was going to be okay, but he has to learn how to read everything he is going to comment on before he makes this mistake again.  At this point, I was incoherent, I really let this get to me.  I was so hurt and I know it was killing him that he brought me to tears.  He apologized, I could barely hear him he was crying so much and he said goodbye and hung up.

I called my sister, read her what he wrote, she couldn't believe I was crying so much (I am normally the strong one and I rarely let things get to me), so she got pissed that this happened.  Now I had to keep her from calling him and starting a fight.  Hindsight and all that, I should have just deleted it and never said anything, but I too, had to make a point, I guess.  This is just a big mess and all because of Facebook!!!  

This is why FB has added the features they have, like blocking some of what you post from certain people, so families and friends stay that way!  I am just going to go to sleep and let it be in the past, I love my daddy and I don't want to let anything get in the way of the rest of our time together.


  1. I completely understand what you are experiencing! My mom and I can really get into it over FB posts. This week I've had that situation, though not as badly as with you and your dad. I HATE when political or religious differences become so inflamed!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog because I saw that you were a teacher!

    I definitely agree about the whole FB thing! I have gotten into it a few times with members over FB because of something i've posted (or they've posted or another family members posted). People just have very strong (and sometimes differing) opinions about things. That's why I try to keep stuff like that off my FB because I know how crazy some of my family members can be! Ha!

    Hope you don't mind me following your blog!


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