Summer Bucket List Linky Party

What a great way to end my Mother's Day, by thinking of all the things I will be doing with my family this summer!  Link up at that end of my post with Little Wonders' Days so you can post your bucket list for everyone to see!

1.  Go to Jessica's UCF orientation.
2.  Spend a week at a hotel on the beach.
3.  Have fun purchasing all of the items for Jessica's dorm.
4.  Clean house, really really clean house.
5.  Exercise
6.  Eat green most days.
7.  Soak in the tub with lots of bubbles.
8.  Teach Julianne to drive.
9.  Read books, books, and more books.
10.Harry Potter, the end......
11.Create some teaching units.
12.Spend as much time with Jessica before she leaves.
13.Walk on the beach and sink my toes in the sand, by moonlight!
14.I promise not to go nuts spending money, I will find cheap ways to have fun.
15.Kiss Jessica goodbye and send her off to college.......



  1. What a great idea! I'm going to post my summer bucket list this week too -- thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for linking up to the party! You have a great list!
    Little Wonders' Days

  3. Oh sniff! I can't even think about sending my baby to college yet! Visiting you from Little Wonders' summer bucket list post!

  4. thanks for visiting everyone! Enjoy your little ones, because unfortunately, 18 comes all too quick....

  5. We need to work on eating more green. Great idea!


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