In Everything Give Thanks

As another Thanksgiving Day begins, we bring many blessings with us today.  I am forever thankful for my faith, though failing at times, the grace of our forgiving God continues to shine in my life and bring me the peace I need to move forward.  This is what brings all other things into perspective.  Thank you Lord for all you have given me and for all that you will bestow upon me in years to come.
I am thankful for my husband, who loves me even when I don't show that I am completely and totally in love with him.  He truly has shown me what it means to love eternally.
I am thankful for my daughters and for the constant reminder that even though I have done some bad in my life, they are the good in my life.  I can look at them and know that yes, I have done a good job.
I am thankful for my family, near and far.  They have shown me that the heart is filled with love, even in the craziness that families share.
I am thankful for my niece Emma, whose innocence allows me to know that autism is not to be pitied, it is to be celebrated.
In all things, I am thankful.

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