I Should.....Sundays

Another week has gone by and still no Christmas Spirit here.  I am hoping that once my big miss arrives here on Friday, I will be more of the holly, jolly elf type.  In light of not doing a thing to spruce up our humble abode for the upcoming birth of our Lord, here is my I should's for the day (or week....).

I should...

...put up our Christmas tree
...decorate the house
...bring my heart back to the Lord

What should you be doing?

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  1. It seems to me that everyone I come across is not as happy about this season as they would like to be. I wonder if, with many of us being bloggers, I am finally seeing that I am not alone that this time of year is stressful and hard to get through. That makes me wonder why we keep doing it. And THAT makes me wonder if we can all band together and boycott the commercialism of Christmas and just get on with the family, friends, and fun.

    What should I be doing right now? I SHOULD be grading papers or hanging out with my girls. I'm feeling frustrated and anti-social, though, so I'm hiding in my room on the computer.


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