Dancing, Driving, and Daughters


As you have read in earlier posts this week, I had the pleasure of taking my youngest to her first college dance auditions this week.  FSU on Wednesday, USF today.  The jury is still out on whether or not she will make the programs, but the experience was worth it (my words, not hers).  She didn't like the program at FSU, not the college, just the program.  Her personality doesn't seem like it would be a good fit for what they portray dancers to be in their program.  It was more about who you know, which is always a hard lesson for our kids, but a lesson, nonetheless.  It is a shame because she really wanted to go to FSU, but it doesn't look like she will choose their program if she is in fact chosen.  USF, not a contender, until today.  She loved it, go figure.  They actually let us watch the group auditions, so I was in dance mom heaven.  She felt at home (I hate that phrase, I want her at my home, forever) and I guess that is what we want for our babies, to feel at home when they are not home... Oh, I don't know, that sounds stupid, but it's a fact.  Home away from home.  We still have more auditions to go, so let's see where God places her.


I drove, the whole time, listening to ONE DIRECTION.  What is a 17 year old doing obsessing over a boy band for goodness sakes?  I now know all the words to every single one of their songs and I think she thinks she is marrying Niall, but we haven't told him yet.  If that's the case, she should let him know, maybe he can drive her to the next round of auditions.  Maybe she won't have to go to college, he will just pay for her to dance on stage while he sings.  He might even be able to get her to learn how to drive and get her license so I can hang up my taxi sign forever.


I loved spending this week with her, it was amazing.  We laughed, we cried, we fought (of course we fought, it wouldn't be a mother/daughter trip without a good fight) and she told me some of her secrets.  She thinks they were secrets, so we will just go with that... We spent time with Big Miss on Sunday before we journeyed to auditions so I had a double dose of daughters this week, it was a good week.  I also got to see my goddaughter for the first time in 5 years, she was auditioning at both schools too and we didn't even know!  They had a great time with each other and are already planning to be roommates should they choose the same school.

This was a great week, I hope our drive home tomorrow is quick.  At least I will have One Direction to keep me company!


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