Auditions Are Here

How has all of this time gone by?  I haven't posted since September!  What a bad blogger (busy is more like it).  

I am sitting in the first of our hotels this week, as I am driving my youngest across Florida for her dance auditions at 2 colleges.  The timing of the auditions fall at opposite ends of this week, so we had to take the whole week off (can you hear my sadness) from school.  My principal is awesome and sent me off with her blessing and said "family first, Janine!".  So our journey began this morning and we stopped in Orlando.  We get to meet the "boy" who has stolen my oldest daughter's heart tonight, so that should make for a sweet dinner.  We will also be celebrating an early 20th birthday (not mine, hers, but I know you were thinking I was a child bride), which is bittersweet, to say the least.

Tomorrow we are off to Tally for audition number one on Tuesday and then off to Tampa for audition number two on Friday.  So please keep us in your prayers and I will try to post throughout the week as it might be the only way for me to keep the tears at bay.  My babies are moving on and I am standing still at the side of the road watching them.  It is not easy now, it won't be easy later, it may never be easy again.

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