Bad Things Come In Threes.......

I didn't post yesterday because I was so upset that I hid under my new comfy down comforter at 8:00 pm and just went to sleep.  Here is my dilemma for this week:

My car started making this awful noise about 2 weeks ago (sounds good, I guess) and I continued driving away.  On the way home from work yesterday I decided to tell my husband and he wasn't too thrilled, but oh well.  He decided that it sounded like the transmission and lectured me about why I can't wait and yadda yadda yadda.  I wasn't too happy when we hung up.  No more than 5 minutes later I get a phone call from my daughter who is hysterically crying (first thought, car accident), who tells me that her car has stalled in the turning lane and she doesn't know what to do. I happen to be driving towards her at this very moment (thank you Lord).  She gets her car started and we leave it in the Publix shopping center and go home.

Her car is in the shop as I write this, but it isn't a big deal, it will be perfect tomorrow.  My car, however, is another story.  The cost of a new transmission.....wait for it....... $4000!!!!!!  Yes, you read this correctly (do you see why I am depressed?).  You see, I have a Saturn (free and clear) and since they no longer are made, parts are very rare.  We cannot afford the $4000 and we definitely cannot afford a car payment (a whole different dilemma).  So, tomorrow is D-Day (Diagnostics will give us the final word).  Please pray for something easy, like spark plugs....... and that the third thing will be a broken fingernail.

Btw, my hubby isn't mad at me anymore (he really never was, but I tend to over exaggerate.


  1. Ug, those kinds of surprises are no fun! I understand your frustration. Why do these things always have to happen when we can least afford them? I hope the rest of your week is better!

  2. I hope so too, it can't get any worse, can it? Thanks for the love Karen <3.


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