Woe is Me Wednesdays

This week has been a mixture of happy, sad, mad, happy, happy, sad, sad, sad, and worried.  So much can open in the span of a few days that it boggles my mind.  Why oh why do bad things happen to good people, why?  I don't have the answer now, I really never had the answer to this question when my little girls use to ask me this very question on their bad days.  Did I give them the right answer at the right time?  I guess I did, because we made it through those bad days only to face more bad days down the road.
I hope this week ends on a happy note or at least a note that I can tuck away for reading some other time.  I know God has our backs and these small bad valleys in our mountains will end, but for now prayer is all I've got.  It is really all anyone has.......

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