Influenster Holiday VoxBox

I am excited to talk about my first Influenster VoxBox shipment!  I was more than happy to use and review the items that were sent to me.  While Blog Hopping a few months ago, I came across a blog where the blogger reviewed items from Influenster (I can't remember the name of the blog, sorry...).  I went to and applied and a few months later, BOOM, I got the acceptance email!  

Here is what I received in my Holiday VoxBox:

Goody Quick Style Brush:

This brush has microfiber inserts (the blue portion) to "dry" your hair as you brush.  The brush is quite large for me and I have very little hair, so drying isn't a problem.  I did like the way it spread the conditioner in my hair (I chose to use it in the shower, rather than on my wet after shower hair).  I don't think I would have purchased this on my own, but if you have long, hard to dry hair, you might want to check it out for yourself and see what it can do for you.

Kiss Nail Dress:

I  have been wanting to try these for quite some time, so I was excited to see this in the box.  I am not a leopard girl, but it was the holiday season, so I went all out!  Here is a pic of what my nails looked like after application:

Application was very easy, since you just file away the excess.  The only down side is that they do not last.  Two days later, they were already coming off after washing my hands a few times.  If you want something for a special night, I would suggest purchasing these.

Quaker Real Medleys:

I am already a big fan of these, so this was a perfect product for me.  I make this before work and eat it in the car on the way to work.  All of the flavors are tasty and very filling.  This is a great way to add to your diet without wasting calories or flavor!

NYC Lip Shine:

The color "Nude York City" is a staple and matches any skin color, so since I am PALE, it was a good match.  It does wear off quickly, but at such a low price, reapplying it isn't a problem.  Many lip glosses are sticky, but this one felt great and I received compliments on having the "natural" look.

Sole Society:

There was a $25 coupon off my first order of shoes from Sole Society and I get to share it with you!  Just enter INFLUENSTER25 at checkout and the discount will be given.  I haven't used mine yet, but there are a myriad of shoes that I love on this site!


I was looking for a way to increase energy without getting jittery and this was just the ticket.  I loved the pink lemonade flavor and I was feeling good for about 4 hours after I drank it.  I am definitely going to make this purchase on a regular basis.

These items were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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  1. Stopping by from Blogaholics! I love those cheetah nails! Congrats on your first box.

    From a fellow pink lover...


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