College Road Trip or How I Tried to Get Through the Week

*****This should have been posted weeks ago, I don't know why it didn't go through.  Pretend it is June 20th and we will all be ok.***

Last night, Little Miss and I returned from our week long trip through Florida. Last Monday, we drove to Tampa from Miami, so we could tour the campus of USF on Tuesday.  We laughed and sang she sang (I had to listen to her iPod through the aux cable for the entire drive) her crazy songs, apologizing every time Weezy said a bad word.  My goodness, I never knew there were so many AWFUL words until I listened to these songs.  I made her change a lot of them and then miss funny pants thought it would be great to put on Frank Sinatra (I am 44, Frankie is a bit before my time).  I knew all the words to all his songs and she did too, so maybe there is hope for her musical taste.  

I have to say that I was surprised with the look of USF.  I don't want to offend anyone, but I wasn't sure if this was a legit college and people, IT IS!  I was so impressed with the tour guides, with the curriculum, and with the whole atmosphere.  Do I want her to go to USF, well no, we already have made it clear that I want her home with me forever, but let's pretend that I would be okay if she attended USF.  After lunch, we started our drive to Tallahassee, so she could bask in the glory of FSU.  I am officially a geographical idiot, because I didn't know it took so long to get to Tally from Tampa, so I drove forever.  When I say forever, I mean I had to drive on this God awful road, US19, which is host to nothing but little shack houses, about 7 gas stations, and many, many Confederate flags.  I never knew that we had a bible belt in Florida, but I don't get out much, haha.  Little Miss slept and I drove through all of these little towns praying that I wouldn't run out of gas in some of them.  They didn't look too welcoming and I thought that we might end up on the Discovery ID network!

Tallahassee is beautiful, I do love visiting there, but this was her first time.  She loved it, I knew she would.  She loved FSU, I knew she would.  She loved the dance building, I knew she would.  She wants to go to FSU, I knew she would.  Enough of that, you get the picture.

Our last stop was Orlando, where we stayed from Wednesday to Sunday and got to spend time with Big Miss.  So it was me and my girls hanging out and loving life.  It rained all day everyday, but we didn't mind.  We had dinner at Downtown Disney, we saw Prometheus, and we just enjoyed our time together.

So I got through college road trip number 2, my last one ever, and I did enjoy it.  I don't like the next part of this college thing, I didn't like it when Big Miss did it, so peeps, bare with me.  I need all the strength I can muster to send this Little Miss, heart of my heart, off to the big girl school of her choice.  

Scholarships and applications are being completed as I write...

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