Ringing in the New Year, My Thoughts

Blessings are counted, family is present, peace is abundant, and 2012 is here to stay for the next 365 days.  

What did I think of 2011?  

I thought that it was a hard year, the year I watched my oldest child leave the nest to build her own nest away from us.  I thought it was a year to cry as my niece was diagnosed with Autism and some dreams melted away, but new dreams sprang up in the puddles of the old.  I thought it was a year of absence as I drew further from my spirituality and prayed that I would one day find my way back.  I thought it was a year of hope as I lived life to the fullest, loved to the fullest, cried to the fullest, and smiled to the fullest.  I am glad to see 2011 fly off into years gone by, but I am thankful that I was able to accept the changes she brought me in order to make the changes needed during 2012.

What are my hopes for 2012?

I hope for love beyond compare, peace to fill my heart, a family closeness like never before, prosperity for all, and the Grace of God to once again shine upon me.

Happy New Year!

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