Another day closer, another day filled with worry.  Big Miss went to the doctor today, alone (this is what happens at 18...) because she thought her belly piercing was infected.  I told her on Saturday it was fine, she should just clean it out and put Neosporin on it.  Nope, wasn't gonna happen, mom knows nothing, besides Neosporin will clog it and keep the infection inside.  Oh, ok, yeah, that's exactly what will happen.  Fast forward to today:  Not infected, put Neosporin on it.  I gotta love this kid!  That college clinic is going to have a ball with my daughter!  Best part, she got the first series of the HPV shot, on her own.  I have to say that was a great decision, so we are even, for now (LOL).  All that aside, I am glad that I am still the mommy who knows what is good and right for my adult child.  I worry that she may panic if she doesn't feel well or something doesn't feel right, but I am only a phone call away, right?  God will take care of her, He always does.

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