Today I got to spend the evening watching Pretty Little Liars with my girls.  We love this show!  Jessica hasn't watched it with me lately because she has this weekly sleepover thing going with her best friend before she leaves to college, but today was our sleepover turn, so I got to join in.  I will take any moment I can with her, even if I have to share it with everyone else.  As I watch things unfold, I am noticing a difference in my little miss, she is very moody.  I have to wonder if it is because of the impending doom of Jessica leaving (how dramatic, lol).  I am sure that Julianne is dreading having to entertain me for the next few months until her sister returns for Thanksgiving break, but entertain me, she will.  In 17 days, she will be the only child for a while.  Gosh, that sounds terrible.  She will never be the only child, she will just be the only one living at home for now.  What thoughts will tomorrow bring?

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