College Countdown is Over

I DID IT!  We took Jessica (big miss) off to college and I had to leave her there (lol).  I cried a total of 4 times and 3 of them were on the drive up!  I was so distraught that I didn't notice the 87 MPH on my gauge, so of course, I got a ticket.  I didn't even know that there were troopers up in planes sending your speed down to the troopers on the ground!  I was told that it was a speed trap, college bound families were all over the road, and they knew it! 

Oh well, we got her room up and ready, she is having a blast so far.  It is very strange to know that her room will be empty, unless little miss takes it over soon!  I am exhausted, so I will write more tomorrow.
Thanks for all the support!


  1. Ouch...was the ticket pricey?! I've been thinking about you for a week; my husband took our son to college a week ago today. Being the fourth day of kindergarten, I didn't get to go. I cried buckets the night before!

    When does school start for you?

  2. Yes I made it! Thanks Ms. M for your support! Chrissy, the ticket was $256, which I don't have, but it is what it is. I don't know how you did it, not going with him, I would have never made it! We have talked to each other every day and Skyped the other night, so I have to say, it feels like she is on vacation and will be home soon. Since we are going up in 2 weeks, maybe that is what is keeping me going. The long stretch till Thanksgiving might kill me, though.


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