Tomorrow morning we are leaving to take Jessica to college, this bittersweet moment has come all to fast for this mommy.  I remember posting T-200+ days and here we are at the zero hour.  I can't believe it, I really can't.  This afternoon when my principal was speaking to us at our opening of schools meeting she talked about a few key people on staff.  When she spoke about me, she added that tomorrow will be a big day for me so she would like for everyone to keep me in their thoughts. She then said those fateful words, "because Mrs. Fernandez will be taking her daughter to college".  I must tell you that hearing someone else say it brought me to tears, right there in our cafeteria, I cried like a baby.  I tried to hold back the tears, but I couldn't.  She of course then had to add that she has known Jessica since she was a little girl, because we met when she was my AP at my previous school when Jessica was in 4th grade.

I hope and pray that this weekend will hold us until we see each other in a few weeks for family weekend.  I am getting choked up, so I must leave you for now.  Keep us in your thoughts.

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  1. Hang in there! I have been through it twice. My son is now in law school and my daughter will be starting her second year of college in a week. I feel for you. The house feels empty when they are gone but hey, you will have a little less wash, until they bring loads and loads of it home and you won't have to hear, "What's for dinner?" oh, unless you have little ones still at home. Anyway,again, hang in there!!


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