She Left on A Jet Plane

Well, it has been an entire 24 hours without sleep for me, but it was worth it.  Last night was the night before Jessica's big trip with her best friend today.  Mr. had to be at work at 3 am, so he went to sleep.  The girls and I cuddled in Jessica's bed and watched silly, stupid movies until it was time for Jessica to leave for the airport.  She embarked on her first trip as an adult, without us.... her first time ever on an airplane.... so, I am still awake.  It is useless to go to sleep now, I have an entire day ahead of me to worry, lol.
She landed safely and she is now on her adventure, I can only give my worries to Him and have faith that He will keep her safe while she is away.  I pray she takes in all the glory and history that she will see, the fun and silliness of being on the cusp of college and still act like a kid, and that she will close her eyes and thank Him for all of it.

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