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Last night Jessica and I came to the realization that we just don't have enough money for college, this is not a good thing.  She has an amazing outlook and is determined to get there and she will be there come August, I just don't know where to get the extra $9000 each year........ 

Of course, the government thinks our family makes enough money to send our children to college, when in fact, we aren't even close!  Bad money decisions, my student loans, and my teacher salary are just a few reasons why.  Thank goodness we have prepaid college for both of our girls, it is just the dorm thing that is setting us back.

God will provide, I know He will.  I just will stress for the next 4 years, just like I have for the past 18.  It is all good in the hood.


  1. Look into scholarships and or grants. Call the financial aide office and find out if there is something they can do to help.

  2. Has she looked into getting loans her self, with you as a cosigner?

    Also, my first two years of college I did deferred payments. Instead of paying it all upfront I got to make installments. Maybe that is an option. Although I am not sure because I went to a different College & University down there.

    there is always the option of living off campus with room mates. However, that is scary for a Freshman. And sometimes more costly.

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  3. Thanks Ladies! She has multiple scholarships already and we are still waiting for others to come through. Off campus is more expensive, especially when it comes to food, plus part of the bargain allowing her to go away was she had to stay in the dorm. We are deferring.... The loans are all on her already. I know this is going to sound harsh, but I am not cosigning for anything. We already did our part by purchasing the pre-paid plan, she could stay home and go for free to FIU (scholarships and prepaid covered it all), but she was accepted into a great program and chose to go to UCF. Anyway, she will figure it out, she always does. I just hate to see her start her debt so early in life, but that is just how badly she wants this.

    Thanks for the advice, I will keep you posted as to what ends up happening.


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