Random Acts of Kindness

Each year, from MLK day to Valentine's Day, I challenge my first graders to perform random acts of kindness.  The challenge is to perform 100 acts during that time as a class.  I send a letter home to let their families know to be on the lookout for any kind acts performed.  It is so hard for my little ones to do this randomly and without letting anyone know "Hey, look at me!  I am doing something for someone else.".  They want credit for every little thing, LOL.  Each time they are seen performing the random act, whoever spots them must write a letter to the class as documentation.  We even get the staff involved, so what they do in school counts too!

I am so proud of them each and everyday when my students turn in their letters.  They love when I read them out loud, they get their sticker to let everyone know what they did, and they they get to put a sticker on our 100 chart.  The chart has a faint picture of Martin Luther King Jr. (I found it on Edhelper years ago) on it to remind students of why we need to pay it forward with these random acts of kindness.

Try this with your students next year, they will astound you with just how kind they can be!


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