Just Another Saturday.......

I have been thinking about what I would write to finish off my first week as a blog author.  Even though I didn't write everyday, the intent was there, but the body and the brain were tired.  I finally got some sleep this week after staying up way past my bedtime during our winter break.

This week I was able to take a moment and think about what 2011 will bring my way.  In April I will be married for 24 years, in May I will turn 43, in June my first baby will graduate from high school, in July my grandmother will be 91, in August I will send Jessica off to college, in October my husband will be 48, in November Jessica will be 19, and on December 31st Julianne will turn 17 and be half way through her junior year in high school.

Looking towards these events, the year seems shorter than 12 months.  I hope each day will linger and I will be able to breathe in all that each day has to give.  I don't want this year to be over in a blink of an eye.  The future holds so much promise, but I wan't to hold on to each minute just a while longer.

I pray I will not let any moment slip through my fingers.  I pray that our family will be continually blessed.  I pray that we will forgive and forget, be peacemakers amongst men, and make our way to our own happiness.

I pray.........

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