Catching Up (Warning, it might be a little long...)

College girl was here last week since it was her spring break, which was one week too soon, as we are on spring break this week.  I guess it was okay, she got to spend time with daddy (he took his vacation last week so she wouldn't be on break alone).  They spent their days eating sushi and just talking while high school girl and I drudged through our daily routines.  We tried to act excited when they told us about their day, but it was a stretch to smile, lol.
The girls and I did go to Orlando for dance nationals, so that was so fun!  I think I look forward to that trip more than the dance team does (cue dance mom crazy).  Our girls were 10th in the nation for hip hop and 4th in the nation for medium varsity jazz and team performance.  As a mom it is my bragging rights to give you the link so you can see the videos (only if you want to).  In the jazz routine my daughter is Alice and in the others she is the cute blonde.  Here is the link if you would like to check her and the other members out:

NDA 2012 Competition Videos

In other news, college girl has been given the chance to be a research assistant UCF under a grant with Lockheed Martin!  This mama is so proud of her girls and I know all my lovely bloggers feel that pride right along with me.

Well, I should get back to that "Things To Do On Spring Break" list.  Hmmm.... maybe tomorrow, today is already shot, LOL.

Just some pics of the 3 dances and then my 2 cutees!

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