So Not in The Pink Today

We are having a mini-hurricane here in Miami today, so after some quick errands this morning with hubby, we are stuck inside for the rest of the day.  Poor Shelby has tried to go outside 5 times to do her business and she runs back in because she hates the rain (I wonder how much longer she can hold it, lol).  We are kidless today, since little miss had the annual hall decorating at school this morning for Homecoming Week and is spending the day at a friends house. Big miss called from college saying that she is going to the Enrique Iglesias concert AND the Lupe Fiasco concert Halloween weekend, FOR FREE!  She is making friends in high places, I tell you.
Me......not feeling it today and I have to get with it.  So much posting to do on my teacher blog and the stack of ungraded papers is getting taller each day.  I hope I am feeling a little pinker later today.

Ta ta for now!

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