Lovin' Today

It has been raining here for 5 days, yes 5 long, dark, dreary days.  I haven't gotten much accomplished because I have decided to be a couch potato during these bleak, wet days.  If only school would have been canceled, then I could have had pajama days like we did when the girls were little.  The upside, big miss called and invited me and little miss to visit her this weekend!  She got us tickets to the Lupe Fiasco concert!  Can you believe it?  She wants her mommy to go to a concert with her at her college, I am in heavenly bliss.  I remember thinking back in August how she might not want me to visit because I would cramp her style.  Well, it has been the complete opposite.  She calls me every day and we talk on FB, Twitter, and texting.  In fact, I think she speaks to her dad more now than when she lived here!
She keeps saying how excited she is that little miss and I are coming up, so I can't wait for this week to be over and for Saturday morning to get here.  I am forever in love with my daughters!

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