Missing Jessica........ This is Only Practice!

Jessica has been gone since Tuesday and guess what.... she has called me every single day, sometimes way more than once.  It makes me feel great because I am hoping this is a view of the way it will be when she leaves to college.  I can truly see that she misses her mommy and I think she just calls to hear my voice (conceited, I know, but I really feel that way) because most of the time she has nothing to say, so we just listen to each other do whatever it is we are doing at the time.  All in all, this trip to New England was a great chance for her to see something other than the hot, sunny Florida she is use to.  It also has set her on a journey that will be filled with many nights of wonder and awe as she searches for the woman she is to become.
Thank you Lord for this blessing in disguise.

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  1. Just found your blog and I can relate to your daughter story. Our youngest will be heading off to college this fall, too. Thanks for sharing all of the blog info too.


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