I Break, When They Are Broken

The hardest part about being a mommy for me, has and always will be watching my children cry because of something that is out of my control.  Both of my girls are dancers, they have been dancing since they were 3 years old.  My oldest left dance last year because someone hurt her so much, it stole her passion for the art.  So, her senior year went by, danceless.  She left the team and unfortunately, left her sister on the team without her.  This mommy lost her chance of seeing her girls dance together just one more time.  Hopefully my big Miss will re-enter the world of dance while she is away at college.  I know her heart wants it, her mind just has to catch up.
So today, little miss came home from dance intensives in tears.  She is the junior co captain of the team this year and now she too feels that her passion is being squelched.  It just seems that this team isn't at its best, again, and my little one doesn't want to suffer the growing pains of a new team with a new coach.  So, she cried, a lot.  I suffered, a lot.  She doesn't want to quit, but she knows that she also doesn't want to stay on next year as a senior. You see, this daughter, this amazing girl, wants to dance on Broadway or for a professional Company at some point in her life.  Time will tell..... In the meantime, I will have to be here to wipe the tears from her milky face and keep my tears inside, because I am the mommy and I have to make everything ok.

My Little Miss

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