Catching Up, A Sunday Ritual

Sunday has really never been a day of rest for me, it has always been the day where I play catch up.  Catch up with the laundry, the bathrooms, the lesson plans, the blogging, the groceries, the......, you get the idea.  Last year I bought a subscription to the Sunday paper thinking it would be a way for me to save money cutting coupons.  Well, I cut the coupons and always forget them, lol.  So the saving money part is neither here nor there.
However, the Sunday paper does play into my catch up theory about Sundays.  I catch up on all the news, the gossip, and everything that other normal people had time to hear about during the week.  I spend every single Sunday morning on the couch with my paper, my bottled water, and my puppy.  I read the paper from cover to cover, I mean every single word.  I have always been an avid reader and I believe in reading everything to the end, even if I find halfway through that I hate what I am reading.  It's that whole start what you finish attitude.
Today I made a huge mistake and played catch up with an infomercial, yes ladies, I am the proud owner of 6 GENIE BRAS!!!!  Oh well, they will serve their purpose, I suppose.  Just don't tell my husband how much I spent (when I should have been cutting coupons to pretend I was actually saving something).

Before and Afters

I am thinking about my Sundays after August 21st, when Jessica is at college and I am here.  What will I be catching up on then?  Will it be our time to talk about our week or will she be busy catching up with her new found freedom from, well, catching up with mom?  Whatever the case, I will still be found on my couch with the paper, my bottled water, and my puppy.  Catching up.......

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