Letter From Freshman You

Four years ago when Jessica was a freshman, her English teacher had them write a letter to their senior selves.  She was given that letter today......

Needless to say, we have spent the last 2 hours in tears.  I am talking sobbing, bawling tears.  Julianne, Jessica, and I in the quiet of her room......  All is quiet now, as Jessica has gone to her last senior sleep over at her best friends and Julianne has gone to watch the Heat game with her friends.  My husband doesn't even know what has transpired because he has been asleep during the entire ordeal.

I have relived the tears twice so far, once to read the letter to my sister and again when I read it to my mother.  The pit in my stomach won't go away and I just want to crawl up into a ball and keep crying.

Oh how will I get through the summer knowing that she will be leaving.....

Jessica's Senior Award Night


  1. Awww...your girls are beautiful! At my son's graduation last week, one of the students based her speech on the letter she wrote to herself during freshman year. :-)

    Ok, we are officially blogpals! The teacher blogs I have found (and keep finding, one click after another!) are an inspiration. I am the lone kindergarten teacher at my private school and I miss the camaraderie of team-planning. The staff is very close, but it helps to hear and read the perspectives of others.

    PS: I have a personal blog, too! I've sadly neglected it for a few months, but it tells a more complete story of me:

  2. And, oops, "shortstop" is my son--darn blogger/google!

  3. Ha, ha! At first I was wondering who shortstop was, until I started reading your comment! Yes, blog pals we will be, without a doubt. A speech based on the letter.... hmmm, I couldn't handle that. I will keep you posted on Monday as to how I get through graduation, but knowing you got through it, I just might make it. Have a great Saturday!


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