Saturday Smatterings

Today is day 3 of my stomach uneasiness, but I have gotten through it and life continues.  We registered for UCF orientation, which puts us one step closer to Jessica's departure.  Julianne and I will sit through the orientation thinking about how we will let go in August, my husband will be home because of work and he will be worried about us, and Jessica will be reveling in the excitement of college being one step closer......

This past Wednesday she received an award for being in the top 5% of her class and her boyfriend broke up with her.  Life at its best, happiness drowned in sorrow.  She will sit next to him on the bus to Grad Nite on Friday and I will be hurting for her.  He asked another girl to prom on Thursday, another tear fell from Jessica's eye.......  God is good though, ex-boyfriend who lives in NY as he attends Cornell called (they remain friends) and he will escort her happily to prom..... tears are dry for the moment.

This is the journey we are taking to college together, the happy, sad, tumultuous journey.  It is love that keeps us sane, it is time that keeps stealing the days from us, but it is faith, family, and friends that keep us steadfast on this journey.

My children are my joy, they are my pain, they are my smiles and my frowns.  My children are borrowed from God and I am blessed to bear witness to all that comes with motherhood.  Thank you Lord for this and so much more.

To God the Glory.....

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