Magical Mondays

Today's magical moment started when I woke up and my husband greeted me with my first anniversary present, 15 Cadbury Creme Eggs!!!!  I couldn't start the first day of our 24 year marriage with a better breakfast, lol.  Then when I got home from work, it was a teacher planning day today, there was a bag from Jared's on the dining room table.  I pretended I didn't see it, haha.  He gave me 2 Pandora charms to add to my bracelet, now it is completely full, hooray.  He wants a TV, so we will go shopping soon for that soon.  Here is a picture of my 2 new charms (borrowed from the Pandora site):

Silver charm, Murano glassSilver charm, Murano glass

Today was truly magical!

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