Therapeutic Thursdays

Today has taught me a little bit about what to expect in the coming months as we continue to prepare for Jessica's journey to college.  During the holidays we have a Secret Santa at work during the last week before we leave for break.  This past year, my Secret Santa left me a book about coping with your child going to college each day in my mailbox.  Everyone knows how close I am with my girls and how hard this giant step is for me.  One of the books was finally given to me today (she kept leaving it at home, lol) by 2 students from her class.  When I took the book out of the bag and read the title, I immediately started crying and my students got so worried.  I just couldn't stop, but I explained to them again about Jessica so they would stop worrying.  The title of the book:  "She's Leaving Home, A Mother's Journal About Her Daughter Going Off to College".  I may never get past the title.......

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