I Am Back/Woe is Me Wednesday

Another migraine had me out of commission, so I am a little behind in all the goings on in blogland.  As I get older, the pain is becoming worse and worse.  Losing a few days has become the norm and I really don't want to give in to the pain, but I have no choice.  

Jessica is still waiting on her boyfriend to make his decision, he is still thinking.  Thank goodness she has lifted her spirits and of course she has been going to school looking "hot", just because, lol.  Never let them see you cry, I say, but I know when nobody is looking a few tears catch their way into her eyes.  I am still praying for peace so her last few months of high school aren't spent in sadness.

Julianne is trying out for the dance team again (really, a technicality, as current members are guaranteed a spot).  I can't wait to see her solo for tryouts, she said I am going to cry.  Well, I cry even when my girls just stand there, so dancing will bring me over the edge!

I think we are caught up just a bit, I will post some other stuff a bit later.

Happy Hump Day!

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