Jessica finally completed her FAFSA, which determines how much the government thinks we should contribute, as a family, to our child's education.  Now, don't get me wrong, don't expect my child to go to college for free (I'm lying, I actually do think all Americans deserve and have earned a free education), but the expectation for our family to contribute $27,130 each year is insane.  If I had an extra twenty plus g's lying around, I would definitely spend it on my child's college years, but I don't and I have no way of getting that amount of money into my hands any time soon.  That is more than half of my annual salary, so really, government, what are you thinking????????

I am completely disillusioned in my country and its expectations from an average working family to contribute 1/4 of its family income to producing another working American to this land of ours.  

What are your thoughts on this?  Those of you who already have children in college, how do you handle the cost?  I really don't know what to do..... I don't want Jessica to have a boat load of student loans to pay for when she finishes school, I already have over $75,000 in loans (which doesn't get considered in the FAFSA application, btw!).  I am sick to my stomach.


  1. We're turning my son's in this week and I cringe to find out what will come back. I put a little away each month for college, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what it will really cost. I've already warned him that we pretty much have enough to pay for his books while he's in school and that's about it. :(

  2. OUCH! I have yet to hit the "send" button on our FAFSA app, but I'm praying for a good outcome. I make less than your 'half-salary', teaching in a private school, and hubby has a business that climbs and dives with trends. With four children to put through college, honestly, I am at a loss. Our oldest son graduates this May from high school and I'm sort of hoping that he becomes the next Ryan Seacrest! :-)



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