Dartmouth, really?

I didn't get online yesterday, I had another massive migraine.  They are coming fast and furious, without any time in between.  I am tired of taking medication, tired of missing out on life, and tired of sleeping with ice packs surrounding my head.  Somethings gotta give....

On another note.... Just when I was getting use to the idea of Jessica going to UCF, a mere 4 hours away, she gets a call from DARTMOUTH today!  DARTMOUTH, really now, how much more can one mommy handle?  She has an interview tomorrow to talk about what couldn't be written down on paper (their words), I am so proud and so comfuddled (my word).  God has a plan for her and whatever it is I hope she remains true to herself and grateful to Him for all of the gifts He has bestowed upon her.

To God the Glory......

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