Enchanters First Competition of 2010-2010

The first competition for this school year started as a bittersweet experience for this Dance Mom.  This would be the first performance that Jessica has not danced in since she was 3 years old, Julianne would have her first solo as an Enchanter, and Jessica would not be able to attend with us since she had to work.  Spirits were high, but they soon were buried beneath the tears of a mom, a daughter, and her team.  

In the first 5 seconds of kick line, Julianne fell!  I instantly had that feeling of not being able to move and yet wanting to run on the floor and pick her up.  My little trooper (16 is little, lol) kept dancing through her tears and the pain, while we watched from the bleachers in tears and in pain for her.  After she fell, you quickly hear me say something not appropriate to say hear, cry out "Julie", and then figure out I stopped filming as you look at my pants for the rest of the dance.

She stuck it out and did her solo, unfortunately placing 6th, as she had to change some of the harder moves in her head while she was dancing!  A few hours later, one ER visit, and a trip to Chili's had her calm enough to sleep.  It is one in the morning and I am not sleeping, I am reflecting.

Verdict:  No dance for at least 10 days (this takes her out of the Enchanter Dance Show) and we need to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

The fun never ends......  Julianne is always and forever FIRST in my eyes.

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